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Our competitive advantage in conducting IP due diligence studies is based on our day-to-day work with the Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices, Russian IP court and other tribunals that assess the validity and the scope of protection of patents and other IP rights. In particular, we are specializing in patent litigation in Russia for more than two decades and this unique expertise permits us to elaborate well-grounded Freedom-to-operate (FTO) patent opinions in different fields of art. For instance, we are focused on Pharmaceuticals (including biotech), IT and microelectronics. Our patent attorneys have «know-how» on quality patent searches which assures that the full scope of relevant Russian and Eurasian patent documents (patents and patent applications) is going to be revealed during the patent search conducted. We issue a freedom-to-operate (FTO) opinion at the best of our knowledge of experienced Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys after critical evaluation of whether the studied product/process could be considered as a patent infringement in view of the scope of protection of the patent documents analyzed. We believe that for construing the patent claims correctly (including evaluation based on the doctrine of equivalence) the patent attorney should be deeply involved in the subject matter of each project. The FTO opinion as a result of such a study gives our client a full picture of the legal situation with patent rights is crucial for taking a correct decision for entering the Russian or Eurasian market with a novel product or process.