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We recommend considering entering the Eurasian regional phase by a PCT application. If an applicant is interested in obtaining a Eurasian patent which can be valid in up to 8 (eight) countries of the Eurasian Patent Convention:  Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The due term to enter the Eurasian regional phase with an international application is before the expiration of 31 months from the priority date of the PCT application. Foreign applicants are to be represented before the Eurasian Patent Office by a registered Eurasian patent attorney while prosecuting a PCT application. The power of attorney is not required at the stage of filing (entering Eurasian regional PCT phase) but Eurasian patent attorney must have it. Power of attorney can  be provided in a simple written form, no legalization is required.

The main benefits of the Eurasian patent procedure in particular via the PCT application route are the following:

  • the unified procedure of patent protection on the territory of up to 8 former USSR republics;
  • legal protection of the invention by a single patent issued upon the substantive examination on novelty, inventive level and industrial applicability;
  • there is no requirement of countries indication during the application prosecution;
  • no validation/translation of patent in national patent offices;
  • very cost-efficient if patent protection is required in more than 2 countries - the overall costs of Eurasian patent prosecution are far less than two separate proceedings between national patent offices.

The Eurasian Patent Office (the EAPO) is located in Moscow, Russia. The only official language of the EAPO is Russian. There is only invention protection possible in the Eurasian procedure since no utility model option is provided by the Eurasian Patent Convention.

Our Eurasian patent attorneys specialize in different fields of art and their experience includes opposition proceedings before the Eurasian Patent Office. While communicating with the examination of the EAPO during the PCT application prosecution at the Eurasian regional phase our patent attorneys are focused on obtaining quality patents. All that results in obtaining Eurasian patents for our clients in the respective fields of technology that not only overcome the possible objections of the Eurasian patent examination but which define the invention to be protected in the Eurasian countries with a minimum possible number of clear features of the patent claims providing reasonably wide and stable patent protection.