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«A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm is a full-service IP law firm that gives IP advice, handles litigation (patents, trademarks and designs) and provides services in patent, design and trademark prosecution in the Russian Patent and Trademark Office and the Eurasian Patent Office.

We handle our international clients' patent and trademark portfolios (including Madrid and Hague Systems of trademark and design registration) in Russia as well as in the neighboring countries, including the countries of the Eurasian Custom and Economic Union. Twenty years of experience in conducting patent and trademark disputes between leading players in the relevant markets in Russia and abroad enables us to give verified practical advice on IP protection, invalidation and enforcement strategy.

Most of our clients are well-known multinational companies working in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech, electronics, food technologies. For most of them, the members of our team have been successfully working for more than a decade.

Our dynamically growing team is formed by esteemed and experienced patent attorneys focused on patent prosecution as well as by known and recommended IP litigators, some of us being also advocates (attorneys-at-law). To give our clients all-inclusive services in IP protection we try to do our best to have a variety of professionals in every field of art that our clients might need.

We are avoiding any potential conflict of interests, sticking to the principle «one field of the industry — one client», ensuring that our clients can enjoy all the range of IP legal services provided by us.

We protect the confidentiality of client-attorney information by all possible legal and technical means, also benefitting from the status of advocates (attorneys-at-law) that gives full immunity to client-attorney communication from any disclosure.


In focus

«A.Zalesov & Partners» have successfully defended the client’s trademark

The Russian IP Court has ruled in favor of the client of «A.Zalesov and Partners» Patent & Law Firm, having invalidated the decision of Rospatent, as well as obliging him to amend the international registration of the client's trademark.


Dr. Zalesov's report at the XXV International Conference of Rospatent

The XXV International Conference of Rospatent «Formation of the ecosystem of intellectual property» took place on September 29-30, 2021.


Strengthening the practice of combating counterfeiting at «A.Zalesov and Partners»

We are glad to announce that Anna Kakurnikova has joined our team.


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