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Our client - OOO «Kalancha» - is one of the leading Russian manufacturing and trading companies which specializes in the manufacturing of fire-suppression equipment, the development of the latest fire-protection systems, the design and installation of fire extinguishing systems.

OOO «NTO PLAMYA» filed an invalidation action against grant of RU Patent No. 2240848 «Fire-extinguishing composition» the holder of which is our client. The counterpart claimed that the invention did not comply with the patentability requirement «industrial applicability». On October 08, 2022, Rospatent rendered the decision in favor of our client.

«NTO PLAMYA» filed an invalidation action against that decision with the Russian IP Court, however, due to our firm stance, on August 19, 2022, the Court upheld the decision of Rospatent.

The client was represented before the Court by Irina Ozolina, Maria Gordeeva and Darya Kushnarenko.

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