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The COVID-19 pandemic caused a splash of patent activity in the pharmaceutical area in 2020. According to the data of Rospatent as of January 21, 2021, 570 applications for inventions were filed for termination of the coronavirus infection. The subjects of such inventions are pharmaceutical products, vaccines, diagnostic test systems, devices for mechanical ventilation.

«A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm has contributed actively to fighting coronavirus infection. At the instructions of the company's clients, the patents on pharmaceutical products were granted dedicated to the therapy of virus diseases caused by the action of the virus the genome of which is encoded by a single-stranded RNA strand and which uses viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase for its replication. One of such viruses is SARS-CoV-2. The subject of the Russian patent № 2740657 is a product containing favipiravir and darunavir in particular correlation. The subject of the Russian patent № 2740660 is the product including the composition of favipiravir with zinc salt.

The developed products demonstrate increased therapeutic activity determined by the enhancement of the mutual effect of the multidirectional action components.

We believe that collaborative efforts may foster the quicker overcoming of the pandemic consequences.

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