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On February 08, 2022, the affiliate session of «A.Zalesov & Partners» - «Patent disputes in pharma: a letter of the law vs extreme necessity» - will take place within the framework of the Distant & Digital conference.

The session will be held in the format of a lively discussion and devoted to the problems of the patent pharmaceutical register, secondary pharmaceutical patents and issues of strategy and tactics of patent protection. The representatives of originator and generic companies will act as the speakers of the event, namely: Vladimir Altergot (Valenta Pharm), Alexander Korolenko (Teva Group of Companies), Maxim Zavirushchev (Novartis Group of Companies).

The guests of the session will share their experience in developing and protecting a patent portfolio in Russia and abroad in pharmaceutical companies, as well as express their opinion on the development of a patent pharmaceutical registry.

Aleksey Zalesov - the Managing partner of «A.Zalesov & Partners», patent attorney and advocate - shall moderate the session.

Please find the entire program of the event on the official website.

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