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On February 26, 2024, a panel discussion on the topic «On updating the introduction of the patent to an invention, utility model or industrial design when putting domestic medicines into the stream of commerce» took place in the State Duma.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Federal Center for Planning and Organization of Medicine Provision of Citizens, the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, medical companies, the professional legal, medical and pharmaceutical community, as well as public organizations, and State Duma deputies.

During the round table, experts discussed the problems of regulating the procedure for introducing medicines into civil circulation in Russia.

As a result of the meeting, the participants put forward a number of proposals, in particular, State Duma deputies plan to develop a bill to supplement Article 1359 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation with a new paragraph. In accordance with it, use of an invention in relation to a medicinal product by a Russian legal entity to carry out the following activities in the circulation of medicinal products: development, preclinical studies, clinical studies, examination, state registration, standardization and quality control, production, with the exception of the sale of manufactured medicinal products, storage, transportation, import into the Russian Federation, state registration of the manufacturer’s maximum selling price for a medicinal product, included in the list of vital and essential medicines, an offer for sale - does not constitute an infringement of patent right to an invention, utility model or industrial design.


Managing Partner of «A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm Aleksey Zalesov took part in the panel discussion as an external expert and became the main speaker of the event.

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