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«Intellectual Property. Industrial Property» magazine has published (in Russian) an article by Ivan Istomin, patent attorney, Head of Design Group at «A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm, «Requirement for the unity of an industrial design. Patent offices practice review».

The author of the publication examines the practice of the Russian Patent Office, the Eurasian Patent Office, the Hague System for the Registration of Industrial Designs and the leading patent offices from the ID5 group (including the European Patent Office, as well as the patent offices of the USA, China, the Republic of Korea and Japan) in relation to applications containing several industrial designs. The review compares approaches to the requirement of the unity of an industrial design and other requirements that apply to industrial designs containing several industrial designs, which makes it possible to trace global trends and approaches that are most oriented to the applicant. The identified differences in approaches reflect the importance of conducting an analysis of promising markets and the laws in force before filing a national application in the Russian Federation.

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