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A regular meeting of Rospatent Quality Council was held online on December 25, 2020. Aleksey Zalesov, advocate and patent attorney, was among the invited experts of the event. The following reports were put on the agenda of the meeting:

  • on the organization of work to determine the similarity of trademark and company names (Speaker: R.Zakharov).
  • on establishing the identity of the objects of the invention — a «method of treatment» and a «use» when considering an invalidation action against the patent № 2569732 ("S1P receptor modulators for the treatment of multiple sclerosis"). (Speakers: V.Galkovskaya, A.Egorova, O.Alekseeva).
  • on administrative actions that are carried out in case of receipt of applications from third parties containing information that the applications were submitted by an unauthorized person. (Speaker: O.Alekseeva).
  • on the possibility of registering the names of the Saints as trademarks (on the example of the designation "St. Vincent") (Speaker: V.Galkovskaya).

For the record, the main purpose of the Quality Council of Rospatent is to develop a unified approach of the Department and its divisions in solving issues that arise in law enforcement practice both at the stage of examination of applications and at the stage of dispute resolution.

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