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It is assumed that the Rules approved by a Decree of the Russian Government will be applicable for the next six years — until January 01, 2027. According to the previously effective rules introduced in 2014, the employer was obliged to pay the employee — the author of the invention — for the use of an invention, utility model or industrial design made for hire a reward in the amount of his average salary for the last 12 calendar months in which the developments were used. The new rules provide various amounts of payments to authors depending on the type of protected industrial property object made for hire:

  • for the use of an invention made for hire — three average salaries;
  • for the use of a utility model, service industrial design made for hire — two average salaries.

These rates are applied dispositively, that is, in relation to those authors of work made for hire with whom the employer has not signed an agreement on the remuneration payment. If there is such an agreement, payments to the authors are made in the amount and in the way stipulated by its provisions.

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