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In July 2022, our client, TEVA LLC, filed an application with the IP Court to dispute the decisions of Rospatent on the extension of RU patent 2361593 and granting additional RU patent 2361593 C3.

After the court proceedings on case SIP-595/2022 began, Rospatent published the amended claims of additional RU patent 2361593 C3 having considered it as correction of clerical and evident errors. As a result the second claim - on challenging the Rospatent decision on correction of clerical and evident errors in text of claim was filed with the RU IP Court by TEVA LLC in November 2022.

The patent owner, Cipla Limited, participated in both cases as the third party.

After almost two years of court proceedings, the parties managed to reach an agreement. In this regard, both applications submitted by TEVA LLC were withdrawn.

In both cases TEVA LLC was represented by the partners of «A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm - Aleksey Zalesov, Managing Partner, and Natalia Samsonova, Partner.

For more information about the cases SIP-595/2022 and SIP-1055/2022 please follow the links.

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