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To commemorate IP days 2020 during pending restrictions caused by COVID-2019, on April 22 - 24, Rospatent organized three days webinars, devoted to the new digital services. Rospatent announced new software products, which should start operating in full in 2021. The most interesting for IP professionals from the practical point of view are the four systems: SIS (State Informational System) Digital platform for patent information search, SIS Online Rospatent, SIS Intelligent system for the examination of means of individualization, and SIS Distributed Ledger for Intellectual Property Rights and Designations within the IP Marketplace.

SIS «Online Rospatent» is a one-point database on all services of Rospatent. Although Rospatent already has a lot of online services, still not all the services are available digitally, different software tools are not integrated, and in some cases providing original documents is still needed to start prosecution. Online Rospatent tool should substitute all the current software and integrate all the services of Rospatent into one system with the unified interface. The first representation and test of the tool should start in June 2020.

SIS «Intelligent system for the examination of means of individualization» is a trademark and designs search system, which should be the same used by experts of Rospatent and external users. The system will search not only through registered and pending trademarks (as it is the case now) but also through industrial designs & GI, cultural heritage objects, international non-proprietary names of pharmaceuticals, official symbols, and emblems. Developers are handling negotiations with the tax authorities now to include also the company names into the search. The system will use machine learning algorithms to improve the quality of the search. It will also contain integrated vocabularies of the leading foreign languages, dictionaries of synonyms and antonyms to trace descriptiveness and semantic similarity, and also should determine the marks contradicting to morality and public interests by AI means. The plan is to launch the service in November 2021. The system comprises a lot of adjusting parameters; therefore, the result will still have some dependence on a particular expert using the tool. Another notable feature is the so-called system of «Search Profiles» to adjust the parameters easily for non-professionals. Some settings will be available only for registered users.

GIS Distributed Ledger for Intellectual Property Rights and Designations within the IP Marketplace. The concept of this blockchain-based system is to create a unified digital stockmarket of registered IP with a possibility to make bids, negotiate and conclude agreements and immediately file for their registration with Rospatent through one software platform. The trying version will become available in May 2020.

More information can be found on Rospatent web-site.

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