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The Chamber for Patent Disputes refused «Trokas-Pharma» LLC in invalidity action against the Russian patent № 2612014 «Remedy for the treatment of arthrological diseases», owned by «DIAMED-Pharma» LLC. This invention is related to an injectable form, a solution of chondroitin sulfate, intended for the treatment of arthrological diseases. The invalidity action was filed by «Trokas-Pharma» LLC in order to avoid liability in another, unfair competition case, initiated by the Regional division of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Moscow Region. The unfair competition dispute is caused by launch of the pharmaceutical product «Drastop» by «Trokas-Pharma» LLC, which is a generic product of «DIAMED-Pharma» LLC named «Mukosat». The client has been represented by the Managing Partner Dr. Aleksey Zalesov and patent attorney Yulia Dutikova.

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