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The Russian IP Court , considering the case № SIP-877/2022, has addressed Aleksey Zalesov, Managing partner of «A. Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm, as an expert in the field, for his opinion on the matter: «When it is known that a substance (polymorph) has several crystalline forms, what rules should be applied to the «inventive step» (patentability term) of new crystal form of the substance? What circumstances should be taken into account in this case?».

Provided by Aleksey Zalesov Response to the request has been published (in Russian) as an Appendix to the Article «On the inventive level of a new crystalline form of a known substance»  (author: Vladimir A. Korneev, Deputy Chairman of the IPC), in the 1st issue of the Russian IP Court Magazine for 2024.

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