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On January 31, 2023, the Russian IP Court ruled in favor of our client, «Puls» Insurance Company LLC, on the early termination of the PULSE trademark under RU certificate No. 414130 due to non-use.

Our client filed applications for the registration of «ПУЛЬС» and «PULSE» designations as trademarks. On the results of the expertise, Rospatent issued a preliminary refusal to grant legal protection to the Principal's trademark based on the opposing trademark under RU certificate No. 414130.

After negotiations with the owner of the opposing trademark on the conditions and possibility of its use, we filed a claim with the IP Court for the early termination of the trademark. The disputed trademark was registered in relation to services related to banking and financial transactions, including insurance services. It was important to prove the interest of our client in all services that were granted legal protection by the opposing trademark, so that the client could use the trademarks without hindrance. We managed to prove the client's interest in the early termination of the trademark not only in relation to insurance services, but also in relation to banking and financial services, in connection with which the legal protection of the trademark «PULSE» under RU certificate No. 414130 was terminated in full.

The interests of the client in this dispute were represented by Senior Partner of «A.Zalesov & Partners» Irina Ozolina and Senior Associate Anastasia Zalesova.

For more details about the case please follow the link.

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