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«A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm LLC filed an invalidation action against two Eurasian patents basing on grounds of lack of industrial applicability, lack of novelty, lack of inventive step and one also — on the presence of the new matter. Said cases are also important, since the new approach for consideration of the Eurasian patents has been introduced by the Chamber for Patent Disputes. The new approach has allowed to the Eurasian patent owners to restrict the claims during the proceedings in the Chamber for Patent Disputes of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, in case the patent as it is has to be deemed invalid in full. During the consideration of the cases, the patent owner has provided the restricted set of claims. Still, the Chamber for Patent Disputes after consideration of the restricted set of claims and despite of the results of the additional search has deemed both EA patents invalid in full, being non-inventive.

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