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In the new issue of the «Law and Economics» magazine (No. 06/2023) an article by the Managing Partner of «A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm Aleksey Zalesov - «Administrative patent law and civil patent law» - was published (in Russian).

The inclusion of patent law into the fourth part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation led to the fact that experts began to consider patent law as part of civil law. As a result, a misunderstanding arose that there are many administrative rules in patent law, the amount of which is much bigger than of civil law rules.

The author of the publication considers the relationship between the principles of civil and administrative law in the regulation of patent legal relations, in particular in legal relations between the applicant and the patent office, and concludes that it is necessary to change the relevant provisions of part four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation with the introduction of direct regulation of these procedures.

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