Established by well known patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law (advocates), «A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm LLC  is committed to providing the highest level of legal services and delivering optimal results for our long standing clients.  
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«A.Zalesov & Partners» Patent & Law Firm LLC  is a full-service IP law firm that gives IP advice, handles litigation (patents, trademarks and designs) and provides services in patent, design and trademark prosecution in the Russian Patent and Trademark Office and in the Eurasian Patent Office.

We handle our international clients' patent and trademark portfolios (including Madrid System registrations) in Russia as well as in the neighbouring countries, including the countries of the Eurasian Custom and Economic Union. Twenty years of experience in conducting patent and trademark disputes between leading players in the relevant markets in Russia and abroad, enables us to give verified practical advice on IP protection and enforcement strategy.

Most of our clients are well-known multinational companies working in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech, electronics, food technologies. For most of them the members of our team have been successfully working for many years.

Our dynamically growing team is formed by esteemed and experienced patent prosecutors as well as by known and recommended IP litigators, some of us being also advocates. To give our clients all-inclusive services in IP protection we try to do our best to have the variety of the professionals in every field that our clients might need.

We are avoiding any potential conflict of interests, sticking to the principle «one industry — one client», ensuring that our clients can enjoy all the range of IP legal services provided by us.

We protect confidentiality of client-attorney information by all possible legal and technical means, also benefitting from the status of attorneys-at-law that gives full immunity to client-attorney communication from any disclosure.



Patent drafting and prosecution

Prosecution of patent applications in the firm is undertaken by the Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys having experience in chemistry, biochemistry, mechanics and applied science, electronics and telecommunications. We are proud to have in out team experts having more than thirty years' experience of patent prosecution and invalidation trials. Patent engineers of the firm assist clients with drafting and prosecution of patent applications in mechanical science, pharma, chemical technology and electronics.

Trademark registration

We have all necessary infrustructure and knowledge to support our clients in trademarks registration and prosecution

Searches, FTOs and Validity Opinions

Our longstanding experience in invalidation and infringement disputes, along with deep knowledge and skills of our partners in very different kinds of searches makes us a strong team for preparing freedom-to-operate and validity opinions, those we do for many major clients for many years.

IP invalidation and infringement disputes

Attorneys-at-law of the firm ensure a solid position of their clients in Russia defending their interests in civil, administrative and criminal law proceedings related to IP and unfair competition protection.

The founding partners Aleksey Zalesov and Irina Ozolina have more than 20 years of IP experience, including representation of major international firms in the most sophisticated patent and trademark litigation cases in Russia.



High personal success rates in IP disputes

Patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law of the firm are known for their very high success rate in patent invalidation (over 25 invalidated invention patents in the last 4 years with success rate over 76 percent while the average is 30 percent) and infringement trials (both as representative of plaintiffs and defendants).

Founders are recommended and highly recommended by renown editions

Surveys conducted by legal and business publications consistently rank partners of the firm Aleksey Zalesov and Irina Ozolina as leading IP professionals focused on contentious patent and trademark work in Russia. Read more.

Compliance and professional ethics

The company has adopted Internal Compliance Policy in accordance with high international standards.

The company team is bound by professional ethics of patent and trademark attorneys set out by the law. The founders of the company being attorneys-at-law are also bound by the Code of Professional Ethics of Advocates, setting out the high corporate standards for lawyers. Our status of attorneys-at-law gives our clients possibility to enjoy all the benefits of the client-attorney priviledge, including strict immunity of client-attorney information from any disclosure, including disclosure on demand of administrative bodies, prosecutors, etc.